The 6 Best Tools To Discover Business Trends in 2020

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When it comes to the stock market, one rule that experts live by is to sell once something becomes popular. If everyone’s talking about a certain something, then it won’t take long until it crashes in the stock market. Have you ever heard that phrase “too popular for its own good“?

The same theory applies to internet marketing as well. If one of your favorite influencers is already promoting a product on their page then that means you’re too late. Companies have already discovered this product and drained all the profits. Everything that you’re seeing is just the leftovers.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make any money. It just means that the idea isn’t original so you are going to face an endless battle getting your brand out there. If you want to see success with your brand then re-think what you’re promoting. Instead of trying to create demand, look at what problems your potential customers are facing, and identify how your business can come up with the solution.

Have you ever heard of the concept called discovered luck? Discovered luck means that once you have developed a certain skill-set, you can use it to spot upcoming opportunities that others may not have seen coming. This is a valuable skill to have to identify upcoming trends and threats to your business.

Of course, not everyone is born with these skills.  It takes time and practice to develop them. It also doesn’t hurt if you know where to look. Today we’re going to go over the 6 best tools to discover business trends in 2020.

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a weekly newsletter that provides updates on the categories you selected. Their software searches the web to identify trending topics that people are searching for or talking about on social media. Their algorithms and knowledgable team of people use this information to predict what topics are “exploding”.

New entrepreneurs rely on Exploding Topics’ software to help them narrow down what services to offer in their niche. Let’s say you want to start a new women’s fashion blog. Exploding Topics will help you narrow down exactly what upcoming topics you will want to have on your blog to get more clicks. If you decided to make a blog post about what you see is popular right now, by the time you publish it, all of your viewers will have seen it already on dozens of other pages.

Exploding Topics has helped entrepreneurs discover hot topics in their niche that they never would have thought of otherwise. It shows you which topics have the potential to reel in new clients.

The best part about Exploding Topics is that it’s free!

Trends by The Hustle Co

Trends is a paid weekly newsletter service that is packed with valuable business information. Trends is ran by a team of researchers and analysts. They put together interviews and trends research that will be valuable to entrepreneurs on the rise.

A subscription to Trends can help any entrepreneur to get a better understanding of upcoming market trends. It allows them to have access to their database of research and connect with a network of their most knowledgeable team members for extra advice.

Trends is your best source for well-researched business trends every week.

How it looks like:

How to sign up:

Pinterest 100

If you want to know what trends women are searching to try next, then you need to take a moment to read the Pinterest 100 list. This list is based on Pinterest data and it shares the top 100 topics that people are searching to provide predictions of upcoming trends for the year. The information has been taken from all over the world to find out what women want to try. The list contains 100 rising trends and separates them into 10 different categories.

Use this list to see if your business niche is trending, and what aspects of it are being searched the most. For example, pretend your business is a bridal shop. Looking at this list shows that over the year 2019 searching for Tuxedo Dresses has been up 99% compared to the year before. Adding a few tuxedo dresses to your bridal shop will be a great way to bring in more clients.

Pinterest 100 is a quick and simple way to get a better look at upcoming trends.

Product Hunt

Are you familiar with the app Reddit? When you’re on Reddit you can “upvote” your favorite posts to see more like it. Product Hunt has a very similar concept. Entrepreneurs can upload their product/service and connect with their first potential users. People can “upvote” the ideas they like best, just like on Reddit.

You may be wondering why we suggest Product Hunt. It’s all about inspiration. Don’t use this website to steal another entrepreneur’s idea. Instead, use it to see what’s trending in your business niche to help stir up some ideas of your own.

It’s always fun to browse through Product Hunt because you never know what good idea you’ll come by.

Google Trends

Google is the most used search engine all over the world. When you have a problem or a question, there’s a good chance you turn to Google to ask. This is why the data that Google Trends collects can be some of the most useful that you can find. With Google Trends you can look at the pattern of search data, which can help you predict seasonal trends for your business.

You can compare your niche and find what’s trending within related topics. If you want to expand internationally, you can use Google Trends to see the search volume in other countries.

If you really want to pinpoint how your niche is being searched, then Google Trends will help with that.

Search by Search Term:

Search by Topic:

Jungle Scout

Every entrepreneur would love the opportunity to see data results of what is selling in their niche. It’s the best way to find out how many competitors you really have in your field. One thing all entrepreneurs can agree on is that they don’t have the time to do that. If you could only see the data for one online e-commerce shop, which one would it be? If you said Amazon, good choice. Amazon is the world’s number 1 online e-commerce. It also sells something from pretty much any niche you can imagine.

One piece of advice for starting a business is to never be afraid of competition. Instead, check out what your competition is thriving at. Use Jungle Scout to get a glimpse of what’s trending in sales on Amazon in your niche. You can also take a look at what’s trending within similar niches to get more ideas. Jungle Scout will give you a good idea of how much competition is in your category.

Use Jungle Scout to keep on eye on what’s trending within the biggest e-commerce site in the world.

The 6 Best Tools To Discover Business Trends In 2020: Final Thoughts

Keeping up with popular search trends is a great way to keep your business ideas from coming out stale. You don’t want to release your hot new idea a month after half of your competitors did. Take advantage of these 6 tools to help you discover what business trends are coming up next.

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