5 Sales Funnel Mistakes That You Are Probably Making (and How To Fix Them)

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The sales funnel is a central concept of digital marketing. Think of it as the number one weapon to upgrade your business almost overnight. Ryan Deiss, the co-founder of Digital Marketer, often describes the sales funnel as a multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browsers into buyers.

Basically, what you are doing is gathering potential buyers (generally called prospects) from all mediums possible and carefully guide them through a number of steps to purchase your product or service: awareness, interest, decision, and action. Once this core concept is included in your digital marketing strategy, you’ll be simply surprised by how many new customers will buy from you. Even if sales funnels are a must for any respectable enterprise and there are thousands of experts out there already, there are a few mistakes that you should be well aware of. To be more exact, there are 5 mistakes.  Let’s take a deeper look at them.

Mistake 1 – Not treating your website as a funnel or multiple funnels

There are so many people out there that simply overlook the major role your website plays in relation to the sales funnel, and you definitely don’t need to be one of them! Let’s get back to the basics. Your website is a great tool to discover who your customers are and design an “ideal customer profile”. If you haven’t already done that, go ahead and tick it off the list before making any changes to your website. In order to know exactly what your next move should be, install Google Analytics so you get all the information needed about your website. While doing that, bear in mind that the website is not for you, but for the customer.

To start making your website part of the funnel, you have to answer two questions on your web page: “Who are you?” and “What can you do for me?”. The other essentials that need to appear on your home page are an opt-in where you can collect their Email or Phone to follow up, and content that builds authority, trust, and rapport. Remember that your prospects came from social media, so you shouldn’t send them back there, but keep them on your site for as much time as possible. Next, you should create multiple offers (2 to 4) for your potential buyers to choose the option that best fits their needs. Afterward, use the analytics to separate the buyers according to the offers they choose and send them the Emails sequences for each segment. Don’t forget that email is still the best way to build a more personal relationship with your customer.

Mistake 2 – Selling the features instead of the solution

You need to give people a reason to buy now. Except for timed offers, what will get your prospect to click ‘purchase’ is providing a solution to their problem. Sure, your product or service might have many attractive features that place you above the competition, maybe it’s even the best on the market, but if you don’t directly link these features to a solution, your prospect will not take them into consideration. It’s crucial to define very clearly what is the problem your ideal client has, and how will your product or service help him or her solve it.

Mistake 3 – Not doing enough split-testing (On Landing pages, Designs, Copy, and Ads)

Let’s say you have terrible conversions rates and people are not taking the appropriate action on your webpage. One of the reasons this is happening is because you have not yet found the right landing page, design, copy, or add. Most likely you could improve each of these funnels to attract even more prospects and truly improve your situation. But would you know what to do? Well, the answer is simple: split-testing! Basically, what split testing does is creating more than one landing page, design, copy, or add that your prospects will see when entering the funnel. You will then learn which option is more efficient and drives more traffic to your website. The key to a successful split testing is to test one thing at a time, be it the headline, the color, the background. If it works, you make it your new control and you change the test over.

Mistake 4 – Being Too “Salesy”

One major mistake many people fall into is being too salesy. Your prospects are smart and most likely have come across millions of ads, websites, or emails that tried to sell them something. They are familiar with the common phrases and tricks, so you need to rise above that. Make sure you give them a story to engage in and use it as a basis to build a stronger, more personal connection with your client. Another great method is to offer something for free before you capture your prospect’s data and nurture them prior to doing the sale. Your client doesn’t know your product or service, so this will give him more trust and the ability to test the quality of what you have to offer.


One thing you must know is that around 95% of the people who enter the funnel will not complete the purchase for various reasons. This alone should prove the importance of getting a huge amount of traffic into your funnel. There’s no way around it.

Sure, you need to focus on paid ads on a variety of platforms. They will definitely boost your online presence and make your business visible to customers. However, keep in mind that only a tiny amount of traffic comes from social media, whether the ads are paid or not. This means that your main priority should be investing time, money, and energy in building organic traffic. Here are some of the best ways you can do that:

  • Focus on creating valuable content for your target audience. This aspect is major. No paid ads can grow your online presence if the content you provide is not important to your audience. It’s vital to create compelling content that answers the searcher’s query. You must first know very well who your ideal client is, what are his or her needs, what is the problem your product or service has to solve, and what solution you provide. Unfortunately, clarity is not enough. To keep your prospect on the website and convince them to buy something, you should have high quality, professional content. Some of the key aspects to keep in mind are these: correct, expert writing, compelling writing voice, and attractive visuals. You have to use all the means out there to convince your prospect of the value and quality you can provide. And that can only happen through valuable content.
  • Focus on SEO. Whether you do it yourself or hire an expert, SEO is an essential part of running an online business. Scoring higher in the search engines means more people will find you, trust you, and buy from you. Did you know that the first link that pops up in a search will get more than half of the clicks? Your organic traffic will come from Google searches, and there’s no use in it if you score position six on the third page. The most searchers never get past the third link Google provides from them. Crawl accessibility, compelling content, keywords optimization, great user experience, share-worthy content, and many more, are crucial aspects that need to be taken care of in order to have great SEO and attract clients.
  • Get your message out on Social Media so people start to get familiar with you and see you as an authority. Social Media is a great tool you can use to get closer to your prospects and build a more powerful connection with them. It’s also a great way to become well-known, trusted, and followed. With a strong social media presence, your clients will not only find it easier to buy from you but also get to know the brand, learn more about your product and services, and become permanent clients. Having random clients buying from you is one thing, but having that and loyal customers that will come back to what you have to offer is simply the next level. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tweeter, all these will not just build a community around your brand but also make you go viral.
  •  Consider multiple traffic sources that are not mainstream. It’s always a good idea to think outside the box. If you want your sales funnel to be more unique, you should definitely consider alternative platforms. Your ideal customer might be hidden where you least expect it, so try creating Podcasts, invite valuable people that you can interview, set up a free course and capture emails, build a Facebook group, or a private community to keep in touch with your prospects.

Building a strong sales funnel is no walk in the park, but by avoiding these mistakes, you are five steps closer to your goal!

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